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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fresh Melon Plum Drink | Summer Specials!

This is a very different combo.

My dad brought plums and it was too sour. So today I mixed it with water melon and the drink was refreshing. It was sour and sweet.

While taking photo my son kept his bus since it was also red in the background:-)

Plum - 2nos
Watermelon - 2 big cups/1/4 fruit
Sugar/honey - 2 tblspn(as reqd)
Water if reqd.

Preparation Method
Cut fruits into cubes and blend all ingredients in a mixer.
Strain the juice in a glass.

Fresh Melon plum drink ready.

Notes - Mint/Pudina leaves can also be added.
A small piece of ginger also can be added.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Homemade Pulpy Orange | No Sugar | Natural Summer Drinks!

Homemade Pulpy Orange is a refreshing energy drink. This is my son's favourite drink, everytime we go out he likes to buy only pulpy orange. This week is a vacation for him and just trying make his favourite dishes. I love to drink fresh fruit juices at home or outside, here in SG they will not add sugar just fresh.

Oranges - 3 nos

Preparation Method
Take the manual  squeezer(mine is with jar), wash and cut the orange into half and turn it around till no juice is left. Repeat the same with all the oranges. Put the pulp also in the juice, remove the seeds.

Serve it chilled or with ice cubes. I don't add ice or serve chilled since we both are allergic to cold.

Homemade Pulpy Orange juice is ready to drink.

Notes - My observe
Do not make the juice the day you buy orange leave it for 3 to 4 days outside. Then it will be sweet. If you prepare juice the sameday it will be sour sometimes.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mango Lassi | Summer Specials and Lakme!

Mango is one of the favourite fruit in the family. Now the season started and coming up, we bought these in Little India on weekend shopping. Mango Lassi is favourite drink for my hubby and MIL. Kids will also love it.

Ripe Mango - 1no pulp or chopped
Curds/Plain thick  yogurt - 1/2 cup
Milk  - 1/4 cup(if the curds are sour)
Sugar -1 tablespoon(As per your taste)

Preparation Method
Put all the ingredients in a mixie/juicer or blender and blend to smooth paste.

Serve chilled. Add ice cubes if required.

Mango Lassi is ready to serve. Enjoy.

This recipe is going to Cooking Made Easy Mango event by Anjali.
Mango Mania 99 by Pumpkin Farm
Kids Delight Fruits by Srivalli and Nupur.

This Summer I am going out with my family and friends to a Water Theme Park to beat the heat. Lakme has been my favourite since many years. I use there cleanser, moisturiser, nail polish, foundation, Rose powder, compact powder and I do not go out without Lakme suncreen lotion.

This entry is going to Lakme event by indiblogger

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Strawberry Rose Juice | Summer Specials!

Strawberry Rose Juice is a new mix of fresh strawberries and rose essence. Since my son loves both thought of mixing and he enjoyed the juice.

Serves - 1

Strawberry(Korea)- 6 nos
Rose Essence - 2 tablespoons
Chilled water - 1 glass
Sugar -  1 tablespoon
Ice cubes as required

Preparation Method
In a blender/mixie put all the ingredients and blend to smooth juice. Strain it.

Serve with ice cubes.

Strawberry Rose Juice is ready to serve.

This Juice is going to Summer Spunk by my dearest friend Anusha and Kids Delight by Srivalli hosted by Nupur.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lemon Juice | Summer Specials!

This is my favourite drink. In my office, the pantry guys used to make it perfectly, so always used to ask one more! I miss them all in Bangalore. Summer has started and this drink will be refreshing. I am sure this is the topper of all Fresh Juices.

Serves - 1 to 2 pax.

Lemon/lemonade/Nimbu/Elamichai - 1no
Chilled water - 1 glass
Sugar -  1 tablespoon
Salt - a pinch
Elachi/Cardamom powder - a pinch
Ice cubes as required

Preparation Method
In a vessel, squeeze the lemon, add water, sugar, salt and elachi powder. Mix well and strain it.

Serve with a slice of lemon and ice cubes.

Lemon Juice is ready to serve.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Watermelon Juice ! Summer Special!

Its been quite hot in the morning and noon. Heard in India also its very hot. But in Singapore the weather is unpredictable, its just raining so heavily. Check out the other Summer Specials here.

Serves - 2 pax

IngredientsWatermelon - 1/4 no of a whole fruit or 2 cups cubed.
Sugar or honey - 1 tspn
Ice cubes - few (optional)
Water as required
Can also add a pinch of Black salt or chaat masala.

In a blender/mixie add watermelon, water, sugar and grind.

Take serving glass add ice cubes and add the juice. (I have dipped in sugar on the rim)
Add a pinch of black salt or chaat masala on the top.
A few pieces of the fruit too.

Such a refreshing juice.

Watermelon Juice is ready to serve.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Orange Pineapple Juice | Jugo de Naranja Piña!!!

Orange Pineapple Juice | Jugo de Naranja Piña in Spanish is very refreshing drink.

Fresh Orange Juice - 3/4 cup(Juice of 2 oranges)
Fresh Pineapple - Juice of 4 slices
Sugar  or honey - 1 tablespoon
Water as required

Preparation Method
Take a tall glass, add orange juice and sugar. Mix well.
Slowly add fresh pineapple juice on top.

Garnish with orange and pineapple fruit pieces and ice cubes.

Serve it Chill...Enjoy!!! Slurp....Happy Weekend!!!

Notes - I have used fresh fruit juices, you can replace by store bought juice too.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Nutty Banana Milkshake!!!

Nutty Banana milkshake is also prepared for my son, who sometimes doesnt eat nuts but loves banana. 

Banana - 1 no
Milk - 1 cup (boiled and cooled)
Sugar/Honey - 1 tspn.
Nuts - Badam/Almond and Pistachos 2nos each

Preparation Method
Take the nuts grind it for 2 whips in a mixer jar, then add chopped banana, sugar and milk and blend it well. Transfer it to a tumbler/glass.

Serve it chill or as it is.

This recipe  along with my Badam Burfi is going to Almonds Desserts Events by Anu.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dates Milkshake!!!

This is a simple milkshake prepared for my son, who sometimes doesnot eat food properly. This is combi of iron and calcium. This can be had by anyone with haemoglobin

Dates - 3 nos(Deseeded)
Milk - 1 cup (boiled and cooled)
Sugar/Honey - 1/2 tspn.

Preparation Method

Soak dates in 1/4 cup of warm milk for about 1/2 n hour. Then grind it in blender or mixie with sugar and milk. Transfer it to a tumbler/glass.

Serve it warm or chill.

Notes -  You can increase the no of dates according to the size of tumbler.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strawberry Milkshake

My son likes strawberry flavour a lot, first time I bought fresh Strawberries and tried the Milkshake. It was refreshing and good to beat the heat.

Fresh Strawberries -  6 nos
Sugar - 2 tspns
Water  -1/2 cup
Milk - 2 cups

Preparation Method
Grind strawberries, sugar and water to smooth paste and add milk and again whip to smooth paste.

Serve chilled or as it is.

Notes - Can use any milk or chilled milk.

This recipe is going to Food Palatte Pink by Akheela and Fun n Sun by Radhika.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Avacado Milkshake

Avacado Milkshake is simple and refreshing drink.

Avacado(Butterfruit) - 1 no ripe, deseed and remove skin.
Milk - 2 cups
Sugar - 1tspn or as per your taste
Ice cubes - Optional

Add all the ingredients in a mixer/blender and blend well.

Avacado Milkshake is ready to serve.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chiku/Sapota Milkshake

Chiku/Sapota is very healthy fruit. It is rich in iron helps improve HB. I made the milkshake for the weekend. Its very good for kids.


Chiku/Sapota - 2 nos
Milk - 2 cups

Sugar - 1 tspn (According to sweetness of the fruit)
Water - 1/2 cup (Optional)
Ice cubes - few (Optional)

Preparation Method

Wash, remove skin, seeds and chop the chiku into small pieces. Reserve few for garnishing.

In a mixer/juicer add all the ingredients and grind.

Chiku/Sapota Milkshake is ready to drink. Garnish with chopped chiku. You can serve them normal or chilled.


This is off to Sanghi's FIL - Fruits. Other entries for the event are Apple Juice and Pineapple Kesari.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Apple Juice and an Award:-)

Juices are always refreshing. Heres recipe for Apple Juice which is healthy and tasty.
Health Info - Next to water, fresh fruit juices mix with blood within 6 hours. You might have heard this "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away". If you eat an apple in the morning it keeps us active throughout the day.

Recipe for the Juice

Take 1 big red apple remove skin and seeds. cut into small cubes. (If you dont remove skin filter it after blending)

In a mixer add apple, 1 glass water and 1 tspn sugar. Blend well. (Add water if its thick and blend again)
Apple Juice is ready to serve.

Now its Award Time:-)

I thank my dear friend Rekha for passing this award to me. I would love to pass this to all my bloggers friends who have not received this award.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tomato Juice | Summer Special!

Happy Teachers Day!!! remembering my teachers in school, college and at work. A mother is also a teacher who is the first person to teach a child. Thanking my mom.......

Wishing all mothers too.

Juices let it be a fruit juice or vegetable is a very healthy drink.

With that note I am posting a simple and easy recipe for tomato juice.

I had few riped tomatoes so thought of making juice this time.

Tomatoes - 5 nos , Sugar - (As per your taste/ depending upon sweetness of the tomatoes) Ice cubes - few (optional) Can also add a pinch of Black salt or chaat masala.

Water - as required
Ice cubes - few

Grind tomatoes and sugar with water in juicer or mixie.

Strain it and serve with ice cubes or chilled.

Tomato Juice is ready to serve. 


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